Terryco International Specialty Group.

Since our inception in early 1998 we have grown from being a provider of  automotive-commercial roadside and warranty, to encompassing household add-ons and Travel business insurances and agent booking services. In addition to our vast products and services portfolio we have a unique, under one roof strength, that within the one building we have our own, compliance team, sales department, telephone advisors, claims team and solicitors practice. This gives us the ability to create and bespoke products to the exact requirements of our partners, and to have at our finger tips all information about a client and their claim at any given time.

What TerryCo International and TISG  will do for you.

Provide a much needed additional revenue source for all entities that does not depend on increasing traffic
Provide your customers with a unique Primary Insurance Package, which will become a competitive advantage vs. other carriers/agents
Provide training which will cover product knowledge and sales techniques